Bellowhead added to the BBC Radio 2 Playlist

  • November 26, 2015

Pandemonium - The Essential BellowheadBellowhead’s New York Girls has just been added to the BBC Radio 2 Playlist, the song which is taken from Bellowhead’s recent best of album, Pandemonium: The Essential Bellowhead was originally featured on their 2010 album Hedonism.

Back in 2010, Jon Boden talked to the Guardian about the origins of the song, you can watch what he had to say below along with a live performance. Watch the official New York Girls video here.

Pandemonium – The Essential Bellowhead is out on the 16th October and available to pre-order from Propermusic, Amazon, iTunes.

Pandemonium – The Essential Bellowhead Reviewed

  • October 19, 2015

Pandemonium - The Essential BellowheadPandemonium – The Essential Bellowhead is an album which includes some of the best loved tracks from the band’s five studio albums. The new release includes 13 carefully selected tracks by the 11 band members, designed to represent some of the high points of their stellar 11 year career.

The album is already being well received in the press and online with more reviews still to run, you can read a selection of the highlights by following the links below.

“It is impossible not to like Bellowhead, their energy and enthusiasm for all genres of music, not just traditional, has been infectious, spirited and joyous. Their influences and sounds come from a multitude of sources and styles, often melding two or three in a cacophony of bravado.” – Folk Radio

“This best of will hopefully win them a few more fans and remind those already a fan what a great set of tunes they have made in such a short space of time. As the title says, essential.” – ***** Get Ready To Rock

“a celebration of a life well lead that has given many people a lot of pleasure to listen live at their lively concerts and at home” –

“Pandemonium is a real party album” –

“it’s a flawless set.” – Bright Young Folk


Bellowhead Pick Their Favourite Tracks for The Guardian

  • October 13, 2015

Ahead of their final tours, Bellowhead tell The Guardian about the moments and the music that define their 12-year history and pick some favourite tracks from their back catalogue. Pandemonium: The Essential Bellowhead best of album is released this coming Friday and available to pre-order from, Amazon, iTunes and all good record stores.

“It’s been an endlessly fascinating, challenging and rewarding journey, and I’m proud to have been a part of it all. The gig that really sticks in my head as summing up Bellowhead’s journey was at the Roundhouse in London on the Broadside tour.”
Jon Boden

Visit the Guardian website to read the full story and check out the bands favourite tracks below. Read more...

Track of the Week: Bellowhead – 10,000 Miles Away

  • October 6, 2015

Pandemonium - The Essential BellowheadIn our new Navigator Track of the Week feature, we’ll be highlighting little known gems and favourite tracks from our back catalogue each week. This weeks Track of the Week, comes in the form of Bellowhead’s 10,000 Miles Away, originally released on their 2012 album Broadside, the song is also being included on the upcoming best of Pandemonium – The Essential Bellowhead.

Essential Bellowhead – Let’s Build The Definitive Bellowhead Picture Archive!

  • September 17, 2015

Essential Bellowhead
Bellowhead are asking fans to share their memories of the groups stellar 11 year journey by posting personal photos of the band, favourite gigs, meeting band members etc.

You can get involved by sharing your pics on the Bellowhead Facebook page where they’ll be added to the public gallery for all the world to see, or by Tweeting them using the hashtag #EssentialBellowhead! The picture quality is unimportant but they must be Bellowhead-themed! Come on, let’s build the definitive Bellowhead archive!