Songs of Separation – Peer Reviews

  • January 13, 2016

Songs of Separation

The reviews for the upcoming Songs of Separation album have began to come in with some great ones already featured on Folk Radio UK, Fatea and Bright Young Folk. Alongside these, the collective were interested in what their musician pals and peers had to say about the album… so they sent it off to a few people, and have been posting their reviews on the Songs of Separation Facebook page, you can read a selection of the peer reviews below.

“Songs Of Separation is an amalgamation of some of the brightest lights the music world has to offer. The differing textures and sonic landscapes achieved on this album are all at once intriguing, beautiful, and varied. To think that all of this music was created and recorded in just a matter of a few days is beyond comprehension. The fluidity with which these ladies have crafted this batch of songs is truly mesmerizing, and it successfully captures the wild, wistful, and nostalgic nature of separation, not to mention the Scottish landscape in which it was recorded. This album is a joy to be heard.”
Sarah Jarosz

“I have been listening all day to a CD called Songs of Separation it is one of the most interesting pieces of music I have heard in a long time. There are ten women singers of Scottish and English nationality and the songs they sing are in Gaelic, English and I think Norn which is again I think the tongue of the Faroe Islands. The Ensemble singing is glorious and the solos as well. Some of it puts me in mind of the Lewis Psalm singers but also those women singers of Russia and Georgia”
Norma Waterson

“Created in three days and recorded in three days? F**king hell, you’re all too clever by half”
Maddy Prior

“This album is a work of wild beauty. It speaks truth and it has rhythm. It is an incredible record and the women who created it are formidable in word and in instrument.”
Rachel Sermanni

“Songs of Separation is a project I stumbled across on Facebook. The girls were posting updates frequently while making the album on the Isle of Eigg. I was instantly intrigued by the project as I’ve a soft spot for Eigg and also have a huge respect for the musicians involved. I’ve been really looking forward to hearing the finished package. This is music that has power, it is fearless and beautiful. Each song a story from a different angle on the subject of separation – ethereal and beguiling, yet terrifying and totally banging! Outstanding musicianship from each and every artist on each and every track. Absolutely stunning harmonies and earth – shattering grooves. A true work of fearless musicians with messages from generations ago that prevail today – this is an extraordinary album!”
Ross Ainslie

“What an incredible array of distinctive spine-tingling vocalists, beautiful song writing and expert arrangements / accompaniment / playing. A testament to what is possible when collaboration is done for collaboration’s sake. Refreshing to have important issues broached throughout, many as important now as they have ever been. For me it is these tracks which form the emotional backbone to this record. Its been a while since I got full body tingles and welled up in more than one or two track on any one album. At least half the album seemed to turn me into an inspired puddle!…That is one pretty serious BVs section. Stunning. Thanks for making this”
Tim Lane

“A well conceived and beautifully executed project highlighting what a remarkable wealth of vocal talent is present in the UK. Rarely has a collaborative project of this sort sounded so formed and coherent in its first venture. A great success for all concerned”
Martin Green

“Wotcha Jen. I’ve had a listen. It’s just… you know when people hear things and they go “yeah, it’s very nice”, and they’re non-committal. Well, it’s not very nice and it’s not ‘interesting’ or ‘very interesting’. It’s REALLY GREAT. It’s absolutely fantastic. And I love it, and I love your playing – I think it’s great. You got ‘buckets o’beans’ in there, and you get down to the root, and you do your thing – your decoration – it’s all beautiful. The singing is lovely… It’s really really class and I love it, and I’m very proud”
Danny Thompson

“Great songs and singing accompanied by outstanding musicianship. Beguiling fiddle lines weaving around soulful grooves. Songs of Separation is a beautifully deep and passionate album that will send you on a searching journey. Fair play to all the ladies!”
– John McSherry

“I’d been following the updates from Songs of Separation throughout their writing and recording adventure on the Isle of Eigg, and looking forward to hearing the results all the while. It’s a total joy to now listen to the album in full and dive into its many layers of music and meaning; a stunning blend of voice, groove, nature and experience. Bold, vital, moving and uplifting stuff from ten mighty musicians!”
Sarah Hayes