Watch: Paper Aeroplanes – Little Letters

  • April 11, 2013

Watch the new video below for Paper Aeroplanes song Little Letters, the title track from their new album released on the 13th May.

The idea behind the video, concocted by On Par Productions and Paper Aeroplanes was to capture the mood of the song and reflect on the imagery conjured up by the lyrics.

Sarah, from the band, says of the new video:

“the lyrics are about messages and words we send out to each other and the different ways we do that and the words we hide behind or keep hidden. I love the double meaning that words can have and ‘Notes’ (Musical or hand written messages) are the catalyst for many of these ideas. The focus is on hand written, tangible letters and ink, hence the tattoos and the old writing tools. Musical notes and notation both played and written and dark, earthy colours. The piano is really old and we exposed the keys to give another texture and interesting image. Many of the props were found in antique shops in Cardiff, inspired by our love of vintage items and nostalgia.”