Lucy Ward writes and records film soundtrack, theatre score and new album on the way

  • November 15, 2012

Lucy Ward2012 started with Lucy Ward winning the prestigious Horizon (Best Newcomer) Award at the BBC Folk Awards. She followed this with highly successful tours of the UK and the Netherlands; but whatever heights she has achieved this year it already looks like 2013 will project the profile of this vibrant young star not only higher but in a number of new and exciting directions.

One of the most exciting of these new directions is writing for the stage and screen. Award winning documentary film maker Kim Hopkins, who made the critically acclaimed ‘Man In The Sand’ a feature documentary starring Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg, Wilco Johnson, and Natalie Merchant, first heard about Lucy when Billy Bragg tweeted that Lucy’s single ‘For the Dead Men’ was both “powerful and inspirational”. Kim immediately downloaded Lucy’s debut album ‘Adelphi Has to Fly’ and fell in love with the music. She was in the process of editing her latest documentary, ‘Folie á Deux–madness made of two’, and after a brief meeting over tea and cake followed by several email exchanges, Kim asked Lucy not only if she could use ‘For The Dead Men’ in the film but if she would write, arrange and record material to form the entire sound track of the film. The whole soundtrack was recorded in 3 days and is played entirely by Lucy and the magnificent Hungarian fiddle player Barnabas Balazs.

‘Folie á Deux’ premiers later this month at the Amsterdam Independent Documentary Film Festival, “It’s just so exciting” said Lucy “I get an email out of the blue and then three months later I’ve written a soundtrack! It will be so surreal to see my name on the big screen and hear my music underpinning what I think is a really brilliant and thought provoking documentary”. As an added bonus Lucy will be performing twice at the festival, which means an early return trip back to Holland!

In addition to the film score, Lucy has also just written songs and music for ‘Robin Hood’, the latest production by Oddsocks, the touring theatre company. Lucy said “This was a great opportunity to really explore the tradition of Robin Hood songs and spin them with new life in this fun and anarchic production!”

So what about Lucy’s day job: recording artist? Well, she’s in the studio throughout winter recording her second album for Navigator Records. Working again with renowned producer and musician Stu Hanna, the much anticipated new album will be released in summer 2013.